You saw Harry Styles walk into a coffee shop, since all booths are occupied and your table is for two and you are all alone, he asked if he could seat with you. You said yes.

After drinking coffee, you had a stroll at the park with Harry, then at the end of the day, Harry said he will give you something if you closed your eyes.

After you close your eyes, you get stabbed and die. The end.


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Harry stood up, he felt his hands begin to shake as Niall handed him the microphone.
He looked out into the audience in front of him and took a breath before he spoke.
“Hello everyone” He began with a small wave. The crowd immediately turned to look at him and his heart jumped.
“I just want to say, thank-you all for being here” he said.
“it’s been a long seven years, but here we are.” He looked down at Louis sitting beside him.
“I have waited since I was 16 to say ‘I do’ to Louis and today my dream came true. The dream of marrying the love of my life. The dream of building a home and a life together. The dream of raising children together” Harry began to choke up as he spoke, he could feel the tears in his eyes.
“I remember meeting Louis at the Xfactor boot camp. You know what he said to me? Would you believe it, he asked if I like carrots” the audience chuckled and Harry felt Louis wrap his fingers through his.
Harry remembered all the memories he and Louis shared from being in the Xfactor together.
filming the video diaries, the rehearsals, sitting next to each other every night at dinner.
“The longer we were around each other, the more we grew feelings for each other. It was quite phenomenal really, the fans knew we were gay before we did!” again, the audience laughed.
“it took us months before we started officially dating. It was tough really, hiding it, but we always knew the fans would find out the truth and they always did… Now we just want to make a few thank-you’s.”

Harry turned to Eleanor who sat beside Niall. “El, Louis and I both want to thank-you; you were always understanding and sweet about everything. You were Lou’s best friend, his shoulder to cry on and his support when I couldn’t be there. You were so strong for so many years, thank-you for being the amazing girl you have always been, We love you El. OH, and congratulations on you and Niall getting engaged! Let’s hear it for the happy couple!” Harry yelled into the microphone and the audience cheered, Niall whispered something to Eleanor and they both blushed and waved.

Harry looked over to Zayn and Liam, and back at Niall. “you boys…” he bowed his head choking back the tears, and everyone in that room felt the agonising love he felt towards those three boys.
“I don’t know where to begin. You three are my brothers. No one can understand what we’ve gone through except each other, and it’s been one hell of a journey, am I right?!” all five of the boys grinned. Harry heard sniffles from the people sat before him. He took a breath.
“when Simon put us together, who knew he was putting together five of the biggest idiots the entertainment industry has ever seen! But he was also putting us into a group which will never split up, technically. We’ll always have each other, even without the recording contract, the touring, the magazine covers and the pap, we’ll always be brothers. Lou and I want to thank-you three for being so understanding, for being so generous and sometimes sneaky” Harry pointed at Liam, and everyone remembered all the times Liam had outed Louis and Harry to their fans, everyone laughed. “Zayn, congratulations on your new baby girl, we couldn’t be more happy for you and Pez.” The audience clapped.

Harry wiped his sweaty hands on his trousers and turned to Louis.
“Louis. You are the love of my life, my everything. When I auditioned for Xfactor, never did I even imagine meeting my entire future in the same month. I will be with you till the end, that’s my promise to you. If you tell me to cook you food, I will. If you point to a cliff and tell me to jump, I will. that’s our deal. Our love will stand the test of time and will die with us. I cannot, and will not imagine my life without you Lou.” Louis wiped away his tears with his free hand, the other still tightly entwined with Harry’s.

“thank-you for being the best kisser, the best hugger, the best singer, the best boyfriend, and now, the best husband. I love you Boo Bear.” Harry bent down and kissed Lou, who’s face was wet from all the tears, “I love you too Haz.” Lou said into the kiss.
and one by one, the crowd stood up and cheered for the new couple.
The couple who had waited, the couple who had fought through heartache and patience.
The couple who would be together forever.

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